Recurring benefits, through collaboration

We help leadership teams challenge and transform their businesses

Inspired by 1.618; The Golden Ratio

“Working with investors, retailers, infrastructure providers and service delivery partners, 618 Insight provides leadership and advisory services to businesses; challenging and transforming the energy, water, telecoms, and built environment sectors.”

Hayley Dunlop

Managing Director, 618 Insight

What we do:


Utilising cross-sector market intelligence to identify strategy-driven growth opportunities.


Working with you to maximise impact and organisational performance for a low carbon world.


Analysing the end-to-end supply chain to optimise your commercial stability and customer satisfaction.

Client case studies

Due to the nature of our work, in many cases we’re unable to share the specifics of our involvement with clients. Please contact us directly to discuss how we can provide bespoke services to meet your needs.


Opinion pieces and case studies on the key industry trends.

Going for Green Growth

The UK’s vision to be a global hub for innovation by 2035 must be supported by the right environment to encourage economic growth.
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Winter of Disutility

Protecting energy sector jobs should be of equal importance to protecting consumers that have been impacted by energy supplier losses.
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Colours of Hydrogen

Blue hydrogen’s discredited contribution to the net zero transition makes green hydrogen the only viable option.
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