Our perspectives and case studies of the key themes shaping the water, energy, telecoms, and built environment industries

EV Boom or Bust?

Global supply chain shortages risk hampering the continued and necessary growth in the purchase of electric vehicles.

Going for Green Growth

The UK’s vision to be a global hub for innovation by 2035 must be supported by the right environment to encourage economic growth.

Winter of Disutility

Protecting energy sector jobs should be of equal importance to protecting consumers that have been impacted by energy supplier losses.

Colours of Hydrogen

Blue hydrogen's discredited contribution to the net zero transition makes green hydrogen the only viable option.

Summer of Utility Strikes

An increase in utility strikes since lockdown lifted has been costing networks hundreds of millions in direct and indirect costs.

Investing in Electricity Networks

Decarbonising the GB electricity system requires targeted infrastructure upgrades and a whole system approach across all utilities and networks.

Achieving Growth in Telecoms

AltNets and challenger ISPs have the opportunity to ensure the customer comes first and increase their market share.

The Power of Data

A digitalised energy system must be stable, secure, and accessible, with a reliable foundation of data quality.

Half Hourly Settlement

Market-wide half hourly settlement and smart meter data are vital to achieve an innovative, flexible energy system.

Greening the Grid

An increase in renewable generation and grid edge technologies is enabling the flexibility to decarbonise the power grid.

Decarbonising Water

Ensuring credibility in ambitious net zero commitments is as important as actual or technical achievement.

Diversity in Utilities

Organisational success lies in the rich diversity of teams, where innovation thrives and challenges are more efficiently resolved.

Scaling Up Cleantech

Digitalisation is the key that unlocks the impact of clean technology for a decarbonised energy system.

Reshaping the Energy Sector

Achieving net zero emissions is a cross-sector endeavour that requires a systemic approach to empower consumers.

Connected Communities

With the opportunities and challenges of 2021 in mind, we are branding this the year of connected communities.