About 618 Insight

We are experts and practitioners, working with you to optimise your organisation and help deliver lasting value for a more ethical world

Recurring benefits, through collaboration

618 Insight was established in June 2016. With a combined passion for applying creative thinking to commercial challenges, we find ourselves increasingly working across sectors with convergence, decentralisation, and digitalisation being core to many of our client engagements.

We work with investors, retailers, infrastructure providers and service delivery partners to establish and realise innovative business models in the energy, water, telecoms, and built environment sectors.

Industry Experts

We have the capability and experience to get straight to the heart of your challenge.


We care about the work we do – not just for your business, but to create a better world together.

Trusted Advisors

We’re not just consultants — we work with you to see your challenge through to the end.


With our inclusive & extensive network, we bring market knowledge to all areas of your organisation.

Working with 618 Insight

618 Insight has decades of experience working across a range of sectors with proven success in identifying and delivering organisation growth strategies. We focus on collaboration and connections for positive and enduring partnerships.

We also maintain a network of expert, trusted associates to contribute specialist knowledge and skills, where valuable to the assignment.

Contact us directly to discuss how our expertise can benefit your organisation and leadership team.

Hayley Dunlop

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Hayley Dunlop

Managing Director

Hayley thrives on business transformation. Driven to realise strategic potential in a decentralised, low carbon future, her professional acumen concentrates on optimising opportunity. She is a confident leader with a talent for building interdisciplinary teams, and is experienced at developing and delivering strong commercial propositions across value chains.