Connected Communities

With the opportunities and challenges of 2021 in mind, we are branding this the year of connected communities.

Connected Communities

We’re coming up to 5 years old this year, and since we started our business there are 3 key challenges that our customers have been grappling with – digitalisation, decentralisation and decarbonisation. All our client assignments have focused on at least one, if not all, of these elements. Put simply – convergence – from a number of angles; be that sector, technology, regulation or customer.

Ambitions and opportunities

This requires multi-skilled teams that have discipline, experience and curiosity to create new solutions that span traditional boundaries. It requires a healthy respect for the origins of those sectors, while bringing a systems thinking approach to realise the commercial benefits in tomorrow’s markets. This is often the crux of the commercial challenge our clients face – in their net zero ambitions, fibre to the home roll out programmes, increasing water efficiency, or low carbon technology asset deployment.

618 Insight is passionate about working with businesses who are creating a better world for their customers and communities. We work with your team and see your challenge through to the end. As governments around the world are determined to build back better from the pandemic and expect delivery of their climate change ambitions, there has never been a better time to tackle complex, multi-sector opportunities.

We’re excited about the opportunities in the energy, water, telecoms, and built environment sectors. We think the 3 D’s – digitalisation, decentralisation and decarbonisation – remain fundamental to achieving the ambitions we have as a society. It’s essential we work collectively if we are to deliver breakthrough solutions.

Key theme of the year

2021 has the challenge of delivering all this while tackling the pandemic, both in terms of our management of COVID-19, and our need to rectify the wide-ranging consequences.  With all these complexities in mind, 618 Insight is branding this the year of connected communities. If what you are doing doesn’t have a direct link to this simple phrase, you have to wonder why you are doing it at all. Connected communities – get behind it!


Let us know your thoughts on connected communities and if you’re seeing any other key trends in your industry for 2021.